Dignity Party candidates launched by Kelly Vincent in the lower house

Dignity Party Candidates Launch

In preparation for the SA election on Saturday 17th March 2018, Kelly Vincent launched 17 Dignity Party candidates in the lower house, including John Duthie in the seat of Torrens. Kelly mentioned…

“The growing size of our candidate teams over the years indicates how serious we are about maintaining and increasing representation for all.

“We are a political party offering a team that actually understands real South Australians. Dignity Party candidates know what it’s like to wait in an ED corridor for a hospital bed or be let down by a government service, and know what it means when you can’t pay your huge water or electricity bill.

“Our candidates are fighting for a better deal for South Australians that have been left behind; we believe in inclusion, diversity and justice.

“I’m proud to launch a group of candidates that represent the true diversity of South Australians. These are grassroots community campaigners that have lived experience of disability, are parent carers, work in the disability sector and have rich and varied life experience.

“I look forward to campaigning with this team, and other candidates to be announced in the coming months, in the lead up to Election Day in March.”

The lower house candidates

Many of the candidates were up for election in previous elections, including Joanne, Ben, Rick, Cathi, Ted, Nick and Phillip. There were many parents with children with disabilities, who knew the difficulties faced raising their family.

Contact John Duthie here and visit his personal site here.

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