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Immersion Therapy – an introduction

John Duthie and his son, Ben Duthie, at Immersion TherapyImmersion Therapy is described as “a world first way in which people with injury or disability can have access to movement and benefits like never before”.  John Duthie takes part in the therapy with Determined2 at the Adelaide Aquatic Centre, once a week.

Talking about Immersion Therapy on ABC Radio Adelaide

Peter Wilson, founder of the therapy, and John spoke to ABC Radio Adelaide, and the interview follows.  The leader of the Dignity Party, Hon Kelly Vincent MLC, and other members of the party use the services of Determined2.

My journey with Immersion Therapy

Imagine being paralysed from the chest down and loving food.  A strange question? Perhaps not, if you consider that the biggest muscles in the body are in the legs. Still confused? As I am unable to exercise using my legs, I have difficulties in keeping my weight under control. The only exercise I perform that physically exhausts me is Immersion Therapy. It mentally exhausts me too, as I swim 20-30 laps week, underwater with full scuba gear on.

More about the therapy

The program is a pool-based therapy for people living with injury or disability. It is a unique program that is not found anywhere else in the world. Currently, the therapy is available at two locations, Adelaide Aquatic and Port Lincoln Leisure Centres.

There are many improvements from participation in the therapy, that may include self-esteem, social skills, mobility and pain reduction.

Read about the pressure sore that kept me out of the pool for three months.

Contact John Duthie here and visit his personal site here.

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