NDIS: Where to? – A vision for Disability Services from 2030

NDIS – will it be dead by 2030?

Flinders University Logo - NDISJohn Duthie attended the Festival of Disability Research and Practice by Flinders University. The event focus was on the NDIS and was advertised as 

Presenting: The Politician, the Bureaucrat and the Raconteur The Politician, the Bureaucrat and the Raconteur will ponder the proposition:

“Will the NDIS will be dead by 2030?”

  • The Politician: Hon Kelly Vincent MLC, Dignity Party Leader
  • The Bureaucrat: Professor Richard Bruggemann (Senior Practitioner for Disability, South Australia)
  • The Raconteur: Mr Robbi Williams (CEO, JFA Purple Orange)

Each will try to convince you of their stand, BUT the final vote is yours.

The event, based on the famous Oxford Union presentations, will be an entertaining and informative look at where the NDIS is going and its position by 2030.

By the end of the night…

At the end of the night, all attendees voted that the NDIS will be alive, but currently, there are many problems that need to be resolved, including

  • NDIS is under funded.
  • Many new organisations looking to grab a slice of the funding, but what is their motivation?
  • Will the NDIA planners do what is right for the participant, or is their focus on limiting budget overflows?
  • NDIA planners insisting to talk to the person with the disability over the phone, even where that participant is unable to communicate via phone.

The recording can be viewed on the Flinders University website.

Contact John Duthie here and visit his personal site here.

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