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John Duthie Dignity Party

John Duthie’s personal site can be found at https://johnduthie.com/. At this site, you can read about his career, blog, autobiography, Faith, book project, media appearances and more.

John was involved in an accident in 2009 and now lives with paraplegia, chronic pain, and fatigue. His last day of work occurred just before the accident. He was employed as a team leader in South Australia Police, and previously held positions at Origin Energy, Department for Correctional Services, ETSA, JIS, SAGASCO and the Department of Defence. John graduated with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Computer Studies in 1985.

His blog, located at https://wheelchairjohn.com/, talks about living a life with a disability as a Christian. The blog is given a terrible name on purpose, as John isn’t defined by a wheelchair, rather he is John, who has a disability and uses a wheelchair.  However, the name wheelchairjohn sounds better and is easy to remember.

John’s life has a few twists and turns and unusual plot points. He is writing an autobiography called “My 0911”. The website is located at  https://www.my0911.com/

He currently worships at Rise Church in Northgate with his children. He has commenced a book project entitled “MY dis ABILITIES“, a 250 page of 20 people with a disability by 20 different authors.

The male candidates of dignity party showing their fists - john duthie dignity party
John Duthie Dignity Party (far left)

Read about John’s campaign experience.


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